A Letter from the CEO

Nate Kelly talks inspiration and shares some of Adero's promises.

Inside Adero

I was helping to coach my son’s little league baseball practice when a frazzled parent ran up to me, out of breath and clearly experiencing the end of a very bad day. She said, “I’m sorry we’re late and I’m sorry that Timmy (not real name) is wearing his soccer gear. We grabbed the wrong bag as we were heading out the door.”

How many times have you been traveling and had your heart skip a beat, wondering if all of your family’s passports are tucked away where they should be? Have you ever been to a park with your toddler only to find that you left her diaper bag or her sippy cup at home? How about rushing the kids off to school only to have to turn around for the forgotten lunch box or binder? How often have you wondered if your child whose life depends on that diabetes kit or EpiPen is leaving it behind in a classroom as he rushes off to the next class? If you have experienced any of these scenarios, then chances are that you’re the “CEO of the Home.” If you haven’t, there’s probably someone else in your life who is carrying that burden.

Let these beauties own some of your worry.

We define the CEO of the Home as the person who focuses more on organizing and preparing the lives of others than they do their own. If that’s you, then I’m happy to say that help is on the way. For the past year, a small team of very dedicated, extremely passionate and brilliant people have been holed up in a building in Santa Barbara toiling night and day to build tools to help you manage the chaos of life.

Meet the very first intelligent organization system. Just put a Smart Tag on any bag or container, then put Taglets on the essentials in your container and voila! Our system turns your bag into an Intelligent Bag, giving it the ability to prepare itself prior to an event, letting you know if something is being left behind before you rush out the door and keeping it all together throughout your day. It gives you the peace of mind that everything is where it’s supposed to be. We are taking some of your daily worry off of you, and we’re depositing it right onto that Smart Tag. This is the very first tool we’ve created, and it’s just the beginning of the journey.

After today, you will see more and more exciting announcements from Adero but what won’t change are two very important promises from us:

Promise 1. The devices that you purchase today and in the future will continue to evolve and get better over time. The software in each tag and Taglet is capable of being updated over the air via your phone. You will see us rolling out new and exciting features for these devices free of charge. Free because we don’t believe in charging people for better experiences.

Promise 2. The devices that you purchase today and in the future have been purposefully built to work with the greater ecosystem of tools that we will be launching in the future. We did this because disposable hardware isn’t good for you, it’s not good for the environment, and we can do better than that. When we launch the next phase of our intelligent organization system, you won’t have to replace your Adero Smart Tags. See those four pins on the back of the Smart Tag? Those pins will allow your tags to be used on a whole suite of products on our roadmap.

We’ve spent a lot of time in people’s homes, studying their daily routines and schedules, and what we found was that it’s not the huge moments of panic that are causing people problems. It’s the daily build-up of frustration around misplacing, forgetting, being late and chasing things around that at the end of the day have us feeling like we’re failing at life. Our aim is to turn off as much of that frustration and negativity giving back to you a few moments each day that you can spend doing what matters most to you. Let us give your bags and essentials the intelligence and self-awareness to worry about you instead of you having to worry about them. Won’t you join us?

Final thought for now: we want to hear from you. Let us know your ideas for how to improve our products. Share your tips and tricks about how you use the Smart Tags and Taglets. Ultimately, we want your ideas to be the ones we discuss in our design sessions, guiding us as we create more tools for you, the CEO of the Home. Please reach out to us via: tell-adero@adero.com.

Welcome to the Adero family.

Nate Kelly

CEO, Adero