Never lose track of what you need most.

Wallet? Keys? Laptop? Adero will help ensure it's there.

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Organized from the start

Like other item finders, Adero can locate misplaced items in a pinch. But wouldn't it be better if you never lost your stuff in the first place? Our Smart Tags act as a personal assistant for your bags, keeping track of the items you need most to make it through the day.


Your items shouldn't be at the mercy of a dime-sized battery that needs constant replacing. That's why our Smart Tags are rechargeable and every Adero Kit come with a USB charger.

Proactive reminders

Within the Adero app, Reminders work to notify you before you a critical item is left behind. Simply set them up in the app to remind you at a particular date and time or recurring cadence.

Peace of mind at your fingertips

Press a Smart Tag to instantly know if anything is missing - even if your phone isn't with you. A green light means everything is good-to-go, while a red light signals one more more items aren't in your bag.

How Adero Stacks Up

Praise for Adero

This is a Smart Tag

For your most important bags - suitcase, gym duffel, work bag, etc.

This is a Taglet

For the essentials that go inside that bag like wallets, keys, glasses, and more.

The Adero app helps keep things together

Build smart bags, track your tagged things, and even create proactive reminders

Avoid leaving home without the things you need